At TradeOff™, we are committed to your security and to the integrity of our site. Unfortunately, some people might want to steal your information or identity, and our job is to make sure that doesn't happen.

In order to prevent fraud, we verify your identity before you withdraw funds from your TradeOff™ account. Likewise, before we process any withdrawal requests, we reserve the right to verify your eligibility to play on TradeOff™. 

In order to comply with tax reporting laws, we also need to verify that we have your accurate personal information. Some government regulations require us to gather certain information about our customers for an additional layer of security.

For our verification process, you must provide us with:

  • Your Mailing Address

  • Your Social Security, Tax ID number, or IC Number

  • Your Date of Birth

In order to maintain TradeOff's™ integrity, before we process a withdrawal request we conduct anti-fraud checks on each person’s TradeOff™ activity and deposits. TradeOff™ reserves the right to refuse a customer’s withdrawal request and suspend his or her account in the event of fraud.

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