The key differences between live trading and TradeOff™:

  1. Speed Trading™ is accelerated fun! Live trading is fun too, but it is much slower and less exhilarating. With Speed Trading™, you trade weeks of historical market data in a matter minutes -- and it's an actual game!

  2. Speed Trading™ allows you to compete with friends and family! Real live trading is you versus the rest of the market world, which can be pretty lonesome and, well, boring. With Speed Trading™, you can invite your friends and family to a 5 minute event for only $2! Next family game night, just log on to TradeOfffor a night of fun competition.

  3. Speed Trading™ gives you the opportunity to learn and practice essential trading skills. You will become familiar with trading methodology and techniques, instead of having emotional attachments to brand names in the real market. Combining emotions with the stock market can turn a profitable trade into a big loss.

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