It's just four easy steps!

Step #1:
Login to your TradeOff™ account and you will see the Lobby page.

Step #2:
Find an event that you want to join. There may be many scheduled events. Select your desired event and then click the “Enter” button.

Step #3:

Once you click "Enter", a pop-up box will ask your confirmation to enter the event. Confirm that this is the correct event before you click the green "ENTER AS PLAYER FOR $XX" button.  By clicking, you give TradeOff™  permission to charge your account the stated entry fee. After you confirm, you cannot undo this action, which includes getting a refund. Your entry fee will contribute to the winner's cash prize. If you do not have sufficient funds in your TradeOff™ account, you will not be able to join.

*Note: You can join as a Viewer as well and no fees will be charged. For more info, read this article.

Step #4:

When you're about ready to start your event, click the “Join” button to the right of your event on the events page. You can only join the event 30 minutes before the actual start time.

Once you "Join" a trading event, you will see the "Live" trading chart and a countdown clock that tells you when the event will begin.

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