is the online battleground where traders put their trading skills to the test and compete against other traders in a virtual, high speed stock market. You can compete in an intimate trading event with friends and family, or in a larger event with people from all around the world.

These competitions can be free or paid. Paid competition winner(s) are awarded with real cash prizes! Entry fees start at just $1. The higher the entry fee, the better the payout.

Trading competitions are offered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so the battles can occur anytime, anywhere!

What is a SpeedTrading™ event? 

A TradeOff™ Speedtrading™ event is an online game where traders around the world compete for bragging rights and cash prizes. Each event streams actual historical stock data, which is masked and compressed into a high speed stock chart. For each Speed Trading™ event, traders will have $100,000 virtual buying power which equates to $100,000 virtual equity at the start. The goal of the event is to end with the highest equity. 

May the best trader win!

Please review our Terms of Use before joining a Speed Trading™ event, and of course you can reach us anytime via the Live Chat. We would love to hear from you!

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