We like to spice things up! We offer many game types. Playing different games unlocks a whole new experience, and can help you learn more about the markets. Here are the details of some of our most popular games: __________________________________________________________________

Exactly what it sounds like - FREE entry! This game is great at introducing you to the nature of SpeedTrading™ competitions. Compete against other players across the globe with no risk! This is a great game to practice new strategies. A new game starts every 10 minutes, so there's always a chance to play!

Cash Games
We have multiple cash games every hour. If you're in a non-restricted area, you can compete to win cash! These games can be super helpful for new traders. How is your trading when there's a little skin in the game? Do you stick to your strategy, or are you worried about losing your entry fee? (even though entry fees are less than $5, playing these games will make you a better trader)

Lightning Round

Pick a direction, and hang on! This game is an action-packed, high-speed chart. Over-trading this game will almost certainly cost you some of your equity!

Pro tip: analyze the chart beforehand - are there any obvious patterns or trends? Use your prediction skills and indicators to your advantage here. Let others over-trade, you can pick a direction, sit back and watch your prediction unfold!

Bull Marathon
A marathon you'll actually want to take part in :) our longest game! Which means, no lead is safe! There's always a chance to come back if you're behind - time is on your side! These games present great opportunities to aquire lots of exposure to real historical stock price movement. You'll see weeks worth of real market activity!

Trade in S L O W  M O T I O N. This game is close to real-life trading - it's more about strategy than reflexes! If you can find a strategy you like to use, it should pay well here. If you try to guess a direction, you'll be tempted to make hundreds of trades! If you're looking to understand the markets a little better, this game is a great choice.

Wolf of Wall Street
How would you trade with a million bucks? Find out in our Wolf of Wall Street challenge! You've got $1M in equity (compared to $100,000 in other games!) watch your equity grow at an exponential rate! Just be cautious, money disappears quickly if you're not careful :)

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