TradeOff™’s chat feature is about communicating with our Community in a way that encourages learning and generally having fun together.  Our goal in creating these Guidelines is to balance the need for trader’s self expression while providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all. 

If you violate these Guidelines, we reserve the right to remove content we deem offensive, terminate your account, or notify law enforcement. If your account is terminated for violating our Terms of Use or these Guidelines, you may not use again. Please take these Guidelines seriously and honor them in the spirit in which they are intended. We will do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and ultimately we’ll try to do what we think is best in each situation.

While this list is not exhaustive, any individual that is seen partaking in any of the following content in our chat feature may be banned from should our moderators feel content that is posted is out of character with the spirit of our community. For example we discourage:

• Sexual Conversation

• Racism/Anti-Semitism/Hate

• Glorification of Alcohol/Drugs or Suicide

• Politics

• Software Piracy

• Religious Conversation

• Disrespectful discussion of another's Culture or Nationality

• Foul language. Please refrain from using swear words, even in a disguised form. Less offensive curse words will be tolerated, but with discretion and only when deemed necessary by the moderators. Failing to adhere to this rule will result in a possible ban.


The consequences are as follows:

  • 1st time: warning

  • 2nd time: stern and last warning

  • 3rd time: 1 week chat ban

  • 4th time: 6 month chat ban

We urge you not to share any personal information and are not responsible for any type of harm caused due to sharing things such as, personal e-mail, telephone number and street address. Although most people on the site are here for help and support, there may be untrustworthy people out there who may not have the best intentions. Please proceed with caution.

  • Unsolicited invitations to any other websites are also prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. No exceptions.

  • Links to any other site for the purpose of advertising as opposed to helpful information will not be tolerated. It will result in a possible ban from 

  • Impersonation of any TradeOff™ moderator will not be tolerated, and will result in a ban. 

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