TradeOff™ Tournaments are here! We are super excited to present our new feature to you.

TradeOff™ Tournaments are simple: Win or go home! Tournaments will be structured as such:

3-5 Rounds of SpeedTrading™ events, each right after another. If you place in the top 50% of traders, you advance to the next round! Your winnings for each round will be automatically entered to buy your way in to the next round.

If you do not win, your quest isn't over yet - if you fall out of the competition within the first few rounds, you will have the option to re-buy your way in to the competition! Hold your applause until the end, please. The entry fee for each round grows as the competition moves on, so keep that in mind!

These tournaments are rapid fire - once you step in to the first round, it will be hard to step away! Be sure to block out distractions so you have enough time to make it to the final round!

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