Nobody likes latency - let's see if we can fix the issue...

To best experience SpeedTrading™, we suggest that you use an internet connection with with a minimum 1 MB connection speed. Please note that if you SpeedTrade™ with poor internet connection, you may experience lag that could put you at a competitive disadvantage.

If your SpeedTrading™ event is pausing, then speeding up, the clock is pausing, or data is pausing and streaming in late, your internet connection is likely the issue. You, as a player, are responsible for ensuring that you have the proper internet connection prior to participating in any Speedtrading™ event.

Click here to test your connection!

If your internet connection is 🔥 but you're still experiencing lag, check your device's Task Manager to see if there are other applications bogging down your CPU.

If you have any connection or technology questions, don't hesitate to reach out to TradeOff™ support agents via the live chat feature in the lower right corner of this screen or at We hope we can help you resolve your tech issues!

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